Do’s & Don’ts of Mental Health Social Media Usage

For the past few years, I have actively been using social media in relation to mental health awareness, whether it has been to connect to others or to share my latest blog post. It is absolutely amazing how the internet has allowed for these supportive communities of mental health warriors to come together from all … Continue reading Do’s & Don’ts of Mental Health Social Media Usage


Time to Talk Day 2019

    This year, #timetotalkday is all about sharing the ingredients that make a good conversation about mental health! As someone who has been on both sides of the conversation (as the struggling friend & at times as the concerned one), I understand the value of opening up about mental health. These conversations can be … Continue reading Time to Talk Day 2019

The Dark Side of Social Media

TW: This post discusses self-harm and suicide in relation to the internet & social media. I refrained from including images, but if the written content itself could be triggering to you, please do not continue to read the post beyond the resources listed. I have included 2 suicide prevention resources immediately below: Related Resources: National … Continue reading The Dark Side of Social Media

Barriers to Treatment

If someone thinks they are depressed, they can just easily go to the doctor and instantly get help, right? In a dream scenario, this would be the case. However, in reality, the situation is often much more complex. For many people, there are barriers to seeking care for mental illnesses (i.e. for depression).   Why … Continue reading Barriers to Treatment