Anja is a blogger with a passion for mental health advocacy. She often writes about mania, depression, and anxiety, from a first-person perspective. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Type 1) 2 years ago has given her insight into the struggles many face with finding the right diagnosis, treatment, and providers. She hopes that sharing her story will create more open, honest conversations about mental health, fighting the stigma one conversation at a time. Lately, she has been exploring new ways to be an advocate, including getting involved in a podcast, guest posts, and vlogging.









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  1. Chris says:

    Hi. We just launched a platform for people that have overcome the stereotypical limitations of stigma. After reading you content, we thing you would be a strong candidate for our global community!
    We’d like to feature you on http://www.iAMproject.community

    Take a look and let us know!


    1. Hi! For whatever reason, I didn’t get a notification for this comment! So sorry! I love collaborating with other sites!


  2. I read with iñterest your interview with David SUSMAN Ì spent years too while the ‘profèssioonals’ disagreed about my diagnosis. I was David’s interviewee last month
    . My best to you.
    Tillie Bright

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    1. The Calculating Mind says:

      Thanks so much!


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